With the Revised BEE Codes now gazetted, it is especially important to understand how these work and the impact that they will have on your scorecard – and how to plan going forward.

The courses are designed to give you hands on, practical BEE knowledge and Scorecard Software training in a classroom environment.

Our comprehensive training courses cover all you need to know about BEE:

  • How BEE actually works and relates to your business
  • What is Broad-Based BEE?
  • The 5 elements of the Revised BEE Codes and the 7 elements of the original BEE Codes
  • Developing your BEE strategy and implementing your BEE strategy
  • Preparing for verification
  • Managing the transitional period
  • BEE tips and tricks Utilizing the Scorecard Software


Intraccounts currently offers a training course in BEE Fundamentals, applicable for both Generic Enterprises (enterprises with a turnover above R50 million per annum) and Qualifying Small Enterprises (enterprises with turnover between R10 and R50 million per annum)

email us for more details info@intraccounts.co.za